Thursday, March 26, 2009

8 Pacters Painted

I'm trying something new with this army, something innovative and designed to save my sanity and help me focus on having fun with the hobby: painting what I build.

In the past when I've made an army, I've purchased the majority of the models for a 1500 point force, built them, and then painted a squad or two. I have finished a Night Lords army, an Ork army, a Necron army and an Ultramarines company (the last on commission). The other armies I've started (IG: none, SoB: half, DA: 1 squad, Tau: none, WH: only the Inquisitor, DE: none, Eldar: 1 squad) all end the same way; I get tired of building and then the weight of unfinished models crushes my inspiration. I sell the army and move on.

Not this time, says I. I have no rush to build this army in order to play. I'm taking my time and building a unit and then painting it. It seems to be working, and when I deviated, well I was punished by Him who is venerated by the Pact:

I was taking a break from painting and started work chopping plasticard for the Blood-Pact AT70 when I sliced my finger open.
He cares not from whence the blood flows...

So back to painting, and I realize that I only primed the first 8 models of the squad.
8 is His number...

So the apparently Blessed squad one, mostly finished:

The scout calls a halt.

Grim, my favorite grotesk style.

Grotesk pulled aside. Still need to figure out a good way to paint scars on his face and everyone's hands.

Sarge front and a side shot showing the patina on his holy brass emblem.

Vox operator showing off the handset and the brass-etch bit on his 'caster.

Flame trooper. I had a blast painting those tanks.

Needs painting: RPG team, 1 newly built Blood-Pacter.
Needs building: AT-70 from Leman Russ kit, 9 troopers and 3 heavy teams.


  1. Looking good my friend.

  2. I'm liking the look of these a lot. Keep up the good work!

    I've got pretty much the same problem as you (with the whole "build and not paint" succession of armies, and am trying to use the same method of painting with it. Luckily (I suppose), I have to mail order all the components, so by keeping my orders to enough to do a squad, I should remove the temptation to open that box staring at me from across the room... :D

    I have to say, the top of those cadian lasguns is horrible when you come to remove the mould line...

  3. Your Pacters are AWESOME! I'm glad those Maxmini heads work well. I'd have used them too, but I'd already invested time and money into making my own when they were released.

    Loving the packs and rolls 'n stuff. You might also want to look at The Assault Group ( for backpacks and other miscellaneous gear - their prices are great, shipping is free, and it's all metal 28mm stuff. I ordered a whole bunch of stuff from them to bulk up my troops. And they've got perfect Stielhandgranate stick grenades for the Blood Pact!

    Thanks for the comments on my blog. There are a whole bunch of us Blood Pacters out there now. It's awesome!

  4. Thanks guys. I'm working on the last two for this squad. The rain finally stopped here for a half hour so I could prime.

    I did take a look at the assault group and I wish I liked their sculpts better, since they do have some stick grenades that would be perfect, but they just look too chunky for my tastes.

    Note to self, catch mould lines on top of lasguns! Thanks for the good eyes Itkovian.

  5. RE The Assault Group.

    This is just what I needed for blood pact bits. Ready made autogune, packs etc. Brilliant.


  6. I'm loving this army I will keep a close eye on this blog to help me with ideas for my Pact army.
    I am curious on how you did the mask to the side.
    G/S stamp?

  7. You got it, Greenstuff stamp aka press mold. Super easy with something so small and straightforward.