Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Design Elements

I've been pondering how to represent the various Blood Pact vehicles from the novels. The stalk tank seems the most problematic and seems likely to end up scratch built. For the AT70 or AT83 I've been pondering a redesign based on the Leman Russ kit. Until I saw this and fell in love:

It's a resin kit produced by Heavy Support, a fledgling company out of Germany. If it wasn't 70 euros ($100) I'd be picking up 3. It's perfect for the AT83, maybe even the AT70. Anyone have any Euros laying around?

As far as design elements, I think I'll keep the Macharius look for all the Blood-Pact conventional AFVs:
Rear track armor overhang.  Rearward turret.
Front sponson is mini-turret.  Terraced hull.

Not only does it look great, it looks a bit older than the regular guard stuff which is perfect for the Urdeshi Forge World.

In other news, the first 7 Pacters are done and awaiting a sunny day for photographing. I should have the 8th, their Sergent, painted by then as well. I was working on a tank conversion but filleted my finger and so was relegated to painting, He cares not from whence the blood flows...

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