Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Squad 1: Built

I wasn't going to use vox-casters, but Gaunt's Ghosts mentions many times how well coordinated, trained and equipped the Blood Pact are. Even mentioning them looting imperial voxs. So the squad was finished off with a vox and an RPG.

Vox; talking on the horn.

RPG and loader.

Gave this guy a press-molded grotesk to make him fit in. Peer pressure and all.


  1. Excellent job. Have you painted them all yet?

    Luckily for you your army will never encounter my Aquillan Imperial Guard army that borrows from the Ghost's theme in camo and tactics.

    The arch enemy of mankind will fall.

    Still, you've been very creative. Way to Go!

  2. I did finish this squad, yes. I have 21 Pacters Painted. Check out http://pickadamnarmy.blogspot.com/2009/03/8-pacters-painted.html to see this squad finished, or just keep hitting newer posts and you'll catch up. :) Thanks for the comment and the compliments. I would love to see your Aquillan Guardsmen. I don't remember them from the books, do you have pictures?