Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shipment arrived, plans made.

I've been thinking about the blue rocks on the bast of the Pacters and could use some imput. A poll is up on the right, so please vote!

After 30 days in transit, my next installation of the Pact have arrived. Now I ordered 30 heads and 40 backpacks and this is what came in the mail.

What I received:
44 backpacks, but only 2 sets of extra pouches. There should have been 4, one set of pouches with each backpack set:

33 heads: 5 of each sculpt, plus 3 extra of the head without a mask.

2 of their lasgun style weapons (which I didn't order. Thanks MaxMini!):

I'm disappointed in the missing pouches, and there are many more mould lines on these heads than on the first batch, but happy with the overall product. Now that I think about it, I can't wait to make a Pacter with the free tommygun!

Q: What do a defiler arm and an easter egg have in common?
A: Stalk-Tank!
The concept in profile:

This is the rough plan for my stalk tanks.
1: The ball joint will end up as the stalk-tank's head, greenstuff moulds will be made of land-raider headlamps and used as the stab-light/eyes.
2: Legs will be constructed and attached to the middle joint, probably where the hanging hoses are currently.
3: The easter egg will either be replaced with an angular plasticard version or I will find plastic eggs (rather than the chocolate above) to act as the basis for conversion. It will be about a half inch off the base.
4: Read over the books again for a solid description of a Stalk-tank so I have a good image in my head and so I can remember if the pilot's bubble was rounded or angular.

In other news, I found a site that posted a review of my love-tank.
Here's an interesting picture from their review:

Using the grid to measure, it looks like it would be the same width as a Leman Russ with sponsons, and about a las-cannon longer.


  1. Have you gotten a hold of maxmini for the fixes?

  2. Okay, so. I was proud of my re-engineering of bits to create my Stalk-tank, but after looking at how you're going to create yours, all I can say is, why didn't I think of that? :P

    If I remember correctly, in the books, wasn't the cockpit a refractor-shielded clear bubble? I vaguely remember reading that and deciding that it was impractical to build (though a clear plastic bubble might not be too hard to find, especially from those candy machines in the supermarket that have cheap toys in them).

    Maybe the clear bubble was the stumble guns. Now I'll have to look those up, too...

  3. @Trent: I haven't contacted them yet, I will today and let everyone know how it goes.

    @Techpriest: Thanks for the compliment. :) It's not like I have a copyright on the idea, you're welcome to use it! It might even help if multiple people worked on the design at once.

    Oh, and I think it was the psyker stalk-tank that had the clear bubble. I seem to remember a Tanith sniper shooting through the clear hull and killing a psyker.

  4. I've acquired a bright "light red" plastic Easter Egg for you... if you want it.

  5. Ah, thank you Trent but I just went to Michael's craft store and picked up a wooden egg that is in two halves and the correct size. Stay tuned.

  6. Great work do far :) . I`ll defintely check this site for updates.
    As for missing parts - I`ve sent them today and added some extra goodies. Hope you`ll get them soon and this time complete ;).

  7. So there you have it folks. Excellent customer service response from MaxMini!