Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blood Pact Plasma Gunner and Grunt

A couple realizations today as I was finishing up two more Blood Pact: When I was building these I think I went into autopilot and made them much more plain, as if I was building loyalist IG with just a headswap. Next time I'll go back to giving them extra weapons and nicking and scratching everything up. The second thing I realized is that I had slipped into assembly line painting rather than painting one at a time. I think I liked painting one at a time better, I'll have to see about switching back. Without further ramblings, two more Pacters:

Plasma gunner and Private.

Plasma Gunner detail.

Scratch built hydrogen flask for the plasma gun, made from a plasticard tube capped off.

The Private's backpack, I tried to make the smoke grenades more interesting, but I'm not sure it worked.

I'm really happy with the rocks now.


  1. They are very nice!
    I am definitely going to have to put more effort into my infantry. You guys are raising the bar. As you say, the temptation is to use production line methods.


  2. hey. I have something very similar planned for the Plasma gun backpacks for my veterans... coming soon
    These models look great, the masks really set hem apart from all the other blood pact types out there!
    Craig @ cadian8th

  3. Totally sweet! They look shiny, very shiny indeed. =)

  4. I dig that plasma gun canister. I definitely think you should follow your folly and paint individually, not assembly line.

  5. Nice! I like the glowing effect on the plasma gun, it's great!