Saturday, May 30, 2009

Building: Blood Pact officer

I was building my beautiful Mort pattern tank and waiting for glue to dry so I thought I'd put together an officer from a model I picked up a while back. A raid through the bits box, some grinding with the dremel and an hour later I give you my first officer.

I purposefully picked up this model after reading in The Guns of Tanith (I think) where a Blood Pact officer is spotted with worn gold frogging. So here he is with bolt pistol so I can use him as a Commissar Lord and a lash so he can drive his troops forward. I'm planning on red uniform as normal, tattered black/brown coat, gold frogging washed with lots of brown and maybe some green for tatters, bright silver or gold grotesk.

The flail is from the Empire Flagellants box, the bolt pistol is a Chaos Marine bolt pistol with the ammo and about a millimeter of the back of the weapon cut off to make it human size. Any ideas about where to put the chaos/khorne symbol on him?

Oh, and for those that remember, MaxMini's replacement package came today. All the missing pieces were there, plus I got 4 gasmask heads from their tox-guardsman range and another tommy gun! My thanks to Przemas from maxmini.


  1. He look great. I'm a real fan of the Blood Pact army.

  2. He looks great! Maybe go with one of the outer flaps of his overcoat for the chaos/Khorne symbol?

    I wanted you to know that with all your great head swapping zaniness here that you've inspired me to do the same, now I have to just wait on my new heads from Westwind to arrive...

  3. he looks great, the flail gives him a really dynamic pose. I honestly dont think you need to worry about crammin in a chaos sign, its obvious who he's with from how you'll paint him plus he's got so much more detail that the others already you might overcrowd him!

  4. Thanks for all the kind comments.

    @Mik: I look forward to seeing what you do with the westwind bits.

    @King's Standard Bearer: Good point! I tried adding a map case to him but there wasn't anywhere for it to go. I think I might just paint on a red armband or somesuch.

  5. Very nice! He looks the business, especially with the flail.

    Can't wait to see some progress shots of the tank. Do you think it was worth the price?

  6. looks great! glad that flail came in handy!

  7. i think this is brilliant Rabid Child... really captures the image of the Blood Pact Officers

    i have followed in your suit and got some heads from maximini cause they are sweet, well done for findin them

  8. Love the officer conversion. It so dynamic. Also it seems that those coats fit the head quite nucely.

  9. @amaximus: Couldn't have done it without you, now post some pictures!

    @the-seventh-son: Thanks! I look forward to seeing what you do with yours.

    @Przemas: It's amazing what some grinding with a dremel can accomplish. :)