Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New red, old red.

When I picked up my new Imperial Guard codex the other day I saw a display of GW's foundation paints. Having just painted two layers of basecoat on four Pacters I decided to give it a try even though it's a bit lighter than I wanted.

Here's one coat of Mechrite Red. Yes, one coat. It certainly does what it says on the tin.

One coat Mechrite red plus one wash of Devlin Mud.

And next to another Pacter painted with two layers of Vallejo's Gory Red followed by one wash of Devlin Mud.

I'll wait until it drys and put another wash of Devlan Mud on, but it looks like a winner to me. One coat will stop my already university-addled brain from frying like bacon. (Four more weeks!)


  1. I use it for my blood pact. It does work very well. You can drybrush bright red onto it for shading,

  2. There's no beating three-stage painting processes for Imperial Guard. Does this mean you'll be churning them out at a more prodigious rate?

  3. The Devlan Mud tends to dry darker than it looks when wet, you may not need a second wash...

    I also tend to do some highlighting before the wash, i.e. drybrush of Blazing Orange over the Mechrite Red before hitting it all with Devlan Mud. The wash will tone the orange down and you'll end up with a smooth looking highlight.

  4. John: Good idea, I'm trying to keep them dark and dirty and I worry about highlighting too much.

    Itkovian: I know! I was so excited I dreamed I was painting last night. I should crank them out faster, but University comes first.

    Master Darksol: That is brilliant, I'll give the orange a try and see what happens.

  5. mmm..... bacon....

  6. Hoorary for Devlan Mud! It's the best stuff ever.

    (I haven't disappeared, just been busy lately... hopefully I'll have a post on my progress soon)