Monday, May 25, 2009

Squad 2 Finished!

My Blood Pact now number twenty men and I have learned quite a few things during the process.

Here's the sergeant of squad 2.

How'd this crazy get sgt stripes?

Gasmask and rusty bayonet.

Affix bayonets, prepare to repel.. aw hell.. Chaarge!

Autocannon team.

The spent shells are greenstuff sausages left to cure and cut to size.

Ready for the reload.

Top tips from these 20:
Plan ahead on how to get the paintbrush in to paint the heavy weapon crew while gluing the models to the base.
Greenstuff sausages can be used for shells, hoses, pipes, cables.
Devlan Mud wash is my friend.
Paint the grotesk before the eyes, that way the paint or ink does not run into the low area and ruin the face.
Use colors of different chroma next to one another, or "brown does not shade red."
Black might be cool for a facemask, but it just looks like a black blob from a distance.

Now to take a break from infantry and go tank!


  1. mmmmm..... tank. :)

  2. Very nice! Love the autocannon team! Keep it up, can't wait to see some tank!

  3. These guys are looking amazing, that sergeant is top notch, I love the axe!

  4. I like these with gasmask :D

    Linked! ;D