Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blood Pact Tank Built #2

Some glue, some resin shaving and filing and here the rough draft of the Mortian tank I'll be using as an AT83 Brigand (Leman Russ) for my Blood Pact.

The poll results are in:

AT83 Brigand crew member should be:
The driver.
3 (21%)
The Tank Commander, sitting down low.
8 (57%)
The Tank commander, sitting up high.
1 (7%)
none of the above, you have two more forgeworld tank crew, use them instead!
2 (14%)
Votes: 14

Tank commander sitting low is the winner! That was my favorite as well. I'll be working on him and a modified turret hatch for him later. For now, scroll down to see brass etch and lots of tank pr0n. :)

Much fiddling and wondering where to put the stablight and anti-tank mist (Searchlight and smoke launchers. Terminology from Dan Abnett's books.) I also broke out my Forgeworld brass-etched sheets I picked up a while back to use on the Blood Pact troopers' shoulders. (Ignore the date stamp, it would seem I am not smarter than my camera.)

Here's a side shot so you can see the brass and other extras. Turret is sporting and Eradicator Cannon and storm bolter.

Oh, did I mention I received a little package from and magnetized it? Here's the side sponson.

My first go at adding stowage. I'm quite proud of finding a place to put the pick and shovel. The tarps and bags don't look half bad either. Pick pic:

Shovel pic: (I love the way the turret chaos star turned out!)

And swapped for sponson.

Taking a break from the Eradicator loadout, we have a closer look at the turret, this time with the Executioner Plasma Cannon.

Demolisher Cannon.

Exterminator Autocannons.

Battlecannon and Vanquisher cannons still need some magnetizing. I also need to build a lascannon and heavy flamer for the front hull mount, as well as plasma and heavy flamer for the sponsons. It's a good day to play badguys!


  1. Dang, that looks really nice. Got pictures of the magnet placements?

  2. That is really nice!
    I am building the light tank at the moment.

  3. Iv got to say that is one beeee-uuutiful tank my friend. Im mighty jealous! what a fantastic kit!! does it come with all those turrets then? really spot on if it does!

  4. That is a great tank, I want one! Can't wait to see this puppy painted.

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone.

    @Trent: I don't have magnet pictures, I'll try to include those for next time.

    @John: I look forward to your concept of the AT70.

    @King's Standard Bearer: It comes with one turret, but all the weapons. Other weapons it comes with that are not pictured are a hull lascannon, turret twin lascannon and sponson flamers.

    @Kevin: Me too!

  6. Anonymous6/13/2009

    Hi, nice conversion. May i use your pictures on my site?

    Greets mort

  7. Thanks mort! You are welcome to use the pictures. I post links to your site whenever I mention the tank, would you link this blog when giving credit for the pictures?

  8. very beautiful model. have the possibility to take a picture with another tank like leman russ ?

  9. Bigdaddy, I agree she is beautiful. I don't have another tank to compare her with. If you follow my blog, I should post more pictures soon and maybe those will help.