Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bring it down! Building a Blood Pact Heavy Tank #1

I've spent some time this weekend prepping and assembling my Mortian-pattern tank for use as a Blood Pact AT83 Brigand tank, the Urdeshi forge's equivalent of a Leman Russ. With a little clipping a forgeworld traitor crewman fits nicely. Vote for where you think he looks best over on the right.

What do you think, use him as a driver?

Down low in the commander's cupola like this?

Sitting up high?

Here are some tips for those of you thinking of picking a Mortian for yourself. First off, I could not manage to fit the large bogies between the hull and the outer track guard so I clipped off everything that stuck out and glued it straight to the sides. To make sure I had it level with the road-wheels I assembled these little guys out of order.

#1 tip: use a razor saw, not clippers. Clippers will shatter pieces.

After they're removed from the sprue, saw in a bit and then saw down a bit for a clean cut.

Here are the stages.

When attaching, the road-wheel should be slightly covered by the wheel well.

The two remaining bars on the road-wheel attach to the hull while the rod slots in place.

(Skip the mind-numbing, finger-gluing part where I attach 50 some track links individually.)

Next up is the front mounted hull weapon. The inner barbette swivel had a minor angle on the top of the hull-side, but this allowed only minor swivel due to rubbing against the hull overhang. It was easy enough to take a sharp blade and extend the angle.

Now it swivels freely.

More pictures to come of the assembly stage. I also plan on magnetizing this beast.


  1. That's quite a tank kit, I can't wait to see more progress.

  2. Very interesting vehicle. One trivial question - how much they asked for shippment as this is not clear from their website?

  3. @Mik: Then you'll be happy with all the pictures on my hard drive, just waiting for the next update!

    @Magiler: Try the Shipping and Handling link at the top of their page:

  4. Thanks, they update this point since my last visit.

  5. That is quite a model. Defintely not for the faint-hearted.

  6. I have to say, I don't envy you those track links... Good luck with the rest of the tank!

  7. may i ask you how have you glued the tracks, mine are no so perfect.. :(

  8. Sure Hessel! I glued several track links together on a flat surface, then glued them to the road wheels. This lets you bridge the gap between each wheel. If I remember correctly, three tracks was the most useful.

  9. i've just completed my mortian battletank, a track is comed out well, the one i've done before asking you a little less... but the whole tank is comed out well :D

    if you want to see it, it's at

    thanks again..

  10. I've seen your work before, Hessel, but did not see you start working on the Mortian tank. Well done! It looks great, I love your camouflage and all the details you added.