Friday, June 26, 2009

Finished Building a Blood Pact Tank #3

Something had been bothering me about the Mortian tank for a while. The commander's hatch was split down the middle so when it opened one side was propped up against the gubbins next to it. (Air filter?) I just didn't like the way this looked and so I put off building this part until inspiration struck. Some German tanks in WW2 had a swivel hatch. The idea being that the hatch pops up and then swings out to the side in order to maintain a low profile. If an enemy tank sees a hatch open, they know you're vulnerable. Here's a model of the hatch system:

And here is a real one swung open next to the tank commander on the right.

Now here's my beautiful Mortian tank acting as my AT83 Brigand; note the hatch. A chaos marauder gave up his shield, the leman russ sprue gave up a handle, mix some plastic rod and brass rod and simmer until done. I've also magnetized the battlecannon so I can pull it off and leave the short barrel to be an Eradicator nova cannon since the Conqueror cannon is now redundant. The dozer blade is also magnetized.

Close up showing the brown stuff and the bit of plastic rod. The brown stuff is smooth, the picture just makes it look otherwise.

And swung open with the painted commander (who needs to be tapped down into place.)

Top view.

What do you think? Any comments and critiques welcome, you won't hurt my feelings so comment away!


  1. I think it looks awesome and is the kind of brilliant little detail that makes a treadhead swoon!

    Nicely done!

  2. Kick ass! I really like how you've made the hatch. This thing will look so cool when it's painted. Speaking of, have you decided on how you're gonna paint it?

    My only suggestion would be maybe to make the battlecannon look more like a GW battlecannon, so that it's obvious what kind of tank it is. The easiest thing to do would be to put the Russ battlecannon's muzzle brake (the thick part at the end with the slits in the sides) on the end of your cannon, if it would fit correctly.

    Seeing as how I replaced the muzzle brakes on my Russes with Defiler cannons, I have two Russ muzzle brakes in my bitz box. You can have 'em for free if you like the idea.

  3. I think it looks just the part,

  4. @Cawshis Clay: Ah, a kindred spirit! Funny enough, I wrote a game supplement for Battlefield Evolution called Treadhead.

    @Techpriest: Thanks! It'll be red, that's for sure. I'm thinking of masking it in 3 or 4 sections and fading from bright red to dark red in wavy lines. Not exactly camouflage, but something to make it look more interesting. I just ordered a rustall kit so I'll be adding rust around a few points and will make sure to do it on areas that are dark. Chipping and flaking are a must, I might try the hairspray and salt method. It'll be an adventure.

    As to the battle cannon, all the battle cannons in my army will look the same. My AT70's will have them made from plastic tubing of the same size. I've never liked GW's huge bore and short barrel design. Thank you for the very kind offer of bits though, you're a credit to the Pact!

    @John: Cheers and thanks.

  5. Nice. i love that tank. got one of my one.

    Nerds for ever