Sunday, June 21, 2009

Painted Blood Pact Tanker, Lieutenant and Overseer

Welcome back faithful readers. Since my last post I have graduated University with a Bachelor's in Human Communication! To celebrate I've done virtually nothing all week, but I did manage to paint up these three figures.

First up is the tank commander. He'll be sticking his head out of my AT83 (mentioned last post and in several before that.)

Front: Drat, out of focus! I'm quite proud of the three green lenses.

Back: Also proud of the blending on him.

Blood Pact Lieutenant: Showing off the worn frogging on his uniform.

Nice coat, I wonder who he took it off?

He looks tough, but in the end he's only human.

An overseer for my psyker battle squad. I'd like to get a dog for him at some point so he can sic it on his charges when they roll perils of the warp.

Front: "Blast that or I blast you!"

Side: Whip is from the ork runtherd sprue.

As requested, a shot of the magnets in my Mortian pattern tank. The black is leftover paint from marking which side needed to face out.


  1. sablus6/22/2009

    Nice paint job on the comissar,especialy the coat.

  2. I love your work
    Very good paint job

  3. Guy in the coat is my favourite so far :) . Keep up great work, man!

  4. once again very nice.

    i like the subtle differences in the reds on the lieutenant.

    also glad to see the overseer has a right arm now.

  5. I LOVE the Lieutenant. He looks like he just cut off a Commissar's head, pulled on the guy's coat, and is charging forward to scare the hell out of the Imperials who just watched their Commissar get slaughtered!

    Also, nice job on the tubes on the back of the tanker. I always have trouble painting with yellows, but those tubes look very realistically shaded.