Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Planetstrike, featuring a Blood Pact bastion

I took a break from the huge tank project to build a Bastion I picked up. The new Planetstrike book allows the defender to have bunkers, but GW only makes an imperial version, nothing for the other armies. I guess I'm lucky that captured imperial bastions are perfect for the Blood Pact!

I set about chaosifying it straight away and it was easy work thanks to the forgeworld brass etched icons pack I have. This tutorial on working with brass etch really helped me, they're harder to apply than I first thought. I was able to build each section without gluing it to the one below. This will allow me to make the bastion a single story should I desire.

Lower imperial eagles covered with plasticard and marked with a brass etch khorn symbol.

Most of the imperial eagles were filed off, but I couldn't resist going to town with various sized drill bits to make one that's been shot up.

The bastion comes with an antennae array with various imperial markings. Those were promptly clipped off and I tried a subtle approach to showing how it has been subverted. A catachan vox backpack with a small khorn symbol sits on the base and is plugged in using the great metal wire from dragonforge (look in the sculpting and modeling section). The wires are cast from the same metal as miniatures so they're much easier to work with than guitar string, as you can see from the natural flow mine has.

The door of the bastion. The space on the door where I put the small brass etch was the perfect size. It's like they planned it that way...

Overall shot of the back. This side has the most chaos and khorn icons on it. I was glad to finally have a place to put all the large brass etch pieces I have.


  1. i like this Rabid, would love to see the Pact in a seige setting as the defends, i bet that would make for a serious novel

    You gonna add spikes to the model?

  2. How well did the kit go together?

    I have to say, the city fight terrain was great to play on but a pain in the @$$ to put together.. :)

  3. awesome! and all the appropriate markings for my worldeaters for when they take it from you!!!

  4. Dear rabid

    The brass icons set the piece of nicely. I really must get back to painting my own BP army, when I have finished my Daemons and Guard.

    I have your problem. A butterfly mentality to army painting. :)


  5. @seventh-son: I honestly hadn't thought of adding spikes. Maybe I'll put some on the base level to discourage scaling attempts...

    @Trent: The bastion is much less modular, so I would think easier to build. It would have only taken 20 minutes if I glued the levels together. As it was I used rubber bands to hold the sides in and had to wait for the glue to dry. Fairly simple.

    @amaximus: How many swings of a chain axe does it take to chop down a bastion?

    @John: This blog has been remarkably helpful in focusing my efforts! Cheers to all of you.

  6. Haha! I love the subverted vox and the shot-up Aquila - it absolutely looks like it's been left up for target practice.

    You should put a couple poor Imperial Guardsmen hanging from the top!

  7. TechPriest has the right idea
    If this was taken you need a dead body or two.
    And more battle damage.
    It could use a couple of well placed skulls too.
    I want to get the bastions myself but I have nowhere to really keep them.