Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weathering a blood pact tank. #5

When last we saw our intrepid AT83 Brigand, she was bright red like a fresh strawberry. I am experimenting with picking out the details and I like the way the wash of Devlan Mud has dirtied it up. After all, blood doesn't dry red. It dries a dark rust, a brown, and sometimes a black. The wash interacted with the spray paint in an interesting way, spotting up in places and generally taking on a texture that implies pooling and clotting. I couldn't have done it better if I planned it.

Tracks blacked in, turret, hull and hull gun lined with one coat of Devlan Mud.

I love the spotting on the bottom of each of the three armor blocks. The clumps of mud on the road wheels and lower hull are painted black as a base coat.

Close up on the turret to see how the wash has picked out the rivets. Some of its texture may be seen in the glare at the bottom of the frame.

Here's a close up of the texture. To me it simply screams out that the tank is soiled by something more sinister than simple red paint.

Any weathering tips you might have, please post them or links to them. This is my first big vehicle project and I can use all the help I can get!


  1. I love that model. and the more people I see pullling off great looking Blood Pact armies, the more tempted I am to have a go myself.

    anyway, this might help -

    It's basically how I paint and weather my vehicles.

  2. Looking great so far.
    To put it over the top.
    What you need is Weathering powder for the dried mud that is on every tank alive.
    To do it on the cheap take a Tan chauk pastel and grind it up to powder.
    I use three Tan,Grey,Brown
    Then dust on and fix with odorless paint thinner for oil paint or isoproply alcohol,just a light touch the thinner will spread out on its own,you do not really what to push it around.

  3. Looking good, looking good. I must get back to my Blood pact - as soon as I have finished these dfaemons, and my IG, and - oh well....


  4. its looking really good now, i'm liking it a lot

    i know it may be expensive but it looks worth the money, i'm alos going to have a few captured leman russ tanks to add diversity and save my funds ;)

    i see what you mean about the conversion you put up, but i personally feel it looks too much like a Leman Russ, it was one of the problems that i came across with my AT-80, i didnt know what to do for the bloody turret

  5. can't wait to face that filthy thing! nice work.