Monday, August 24, 2009

Building a Blood Pact Tank

The basic outline of the Blood Pact's AT70 Reaver is finished!

Showing off the Forgeworld Turret and modified driver's compartment.

I tried to match the outline of the Macharius and the Mort tanks. (Yes I know there's only one track guard in place.)

Aft section shows off the forgeworld engine filters to match it to my Mort style AT83 Brigand.

Close up. I'm thinking of creating horizontal slats on either side of the engine and an access door below the rear filter. This would approximate the Mort style AT83. I'd love to add some external fuel tanks but the one from the IG sprue seems too large.

To do: add rivets, hatches and front barbette armor, replace main guns with plastic tubing for battle cannon, add magnets for side sponsons, main gun and barbette weapons, add engine details, get married.

Real live encroaches on the blogging and gaming world: I'm getting married this week! Please excuse any lapse in posting. :)


  1. First off, congratulations on the wedding!

    I really like what you've done with the tank - I'm a big fan of the set-back turret and hull lascannon - definitely reminiscent of the macharius. Nice work!

  2. HELL YES!!! awesome job!!! i mean, i am going to need more meltas!!!

  3. Married eh? I have my 31st wedding anniversary in a few days.

    Like the tank, incidentally. I shall have to have another push on my Blood Pact army next month.

  4. Nice work on the tank. I too was finding that the GW fuel tanks were a tad on the large size and I opt'd for Tamiya's 1/48th jerry can accessory kit, item number 32510. The fuel drums are approx half the size of GWs and they fit the rhinos perfectly.

  5. Congratulations sir! Whatever you do, don't let her get away! ;)

    The tank looks very cool - much more believable than the standard leman russ.

  6. By the way, does that "Friend Connect" toolbar cause anyone else to have the page go blank then magically transported to the bottom? I have to scroll back to the top and scroll down again to get the post to appear again... Weird...

  7. Congrats on the impending doom! Marriage, I mean congrats on the upcoming marriage!

    Tank looks great! It does need something along the back too. Fuel tanks would be good, but additional storage or backpacks are also options.

  8. Your getting married this week and you've got time to post, me too and I've barely got time to get online let alone do modelling.

    Great work by the way, and have a great day