Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Infantry, psykers and a tank, oh my

Well it's been a confusing couple of weeks. Record high temperatures made for no-paint days last week. I've also been feeling a little scattered and I think that's because I well and truly violated my BBP (buy-build-paint) method. I was given and purchased about 5 boxes of models beyond what I have done. As a result, this blog post is scattered, but a little bit of everything is better than a lot of nothing eh? The four models with paint are in their ugly stage of washes, they'll be cleaned up to the same standard as the rest, fear not.

Meltagunner signaling his squad forward. His right arm is from the IG tank sprue with a heavy weapon sprue pointing finger. The left arm is a slung lasgun arm from the new command squad box with a meltagun grafted on.

Catachan legs make for a dynamic pose. Meltagun is grafted to cadian lasgun arms.

Meltagunner stepping up onto an unpainted rock. Catachan body, meltagun grafted to flamer right arm.

Plasmagunner takes aim. I'm trying out painting his entire face as part of the grotesk, where before I've painted the nose and area around the eyes as a mask with the lower face in pale caucasian fleshtone. (ref Mr Bad Teeth from an earlier blog.)

This is the start of my AT70 tank. I've turned the leman russ chassis around, chopped off the engine casing and moved it to the side to act as the driver's compartment. A large road wheel acts as the foundation for a front sponson. Still a work in progress, but finally taking shape.

I cut away the bottom of the chimera track guards to expose road wheels and give the illusion of a suspension. To to this I simply used a metal rular and a sharp blade to score the inside of the track-sides just below the point where the road wheel plugs in. I then took my flat edged clippers and clipped along the scored path. Much quicker than scoring repeatedly, or trying to cut deeply enough to go straight through. Cleanup with the side of the blade or a file and they're ready to go. The area with the rectangular hole may hold a side sponson, or may be magnitized for swapping out depending on how easy that turns out to be.

On to the Forgeworld love:

Counts as Primaris Psyker.

Counts as Astropath. Note the added knife on his belt so he's WYSIWYG.

Counts as Naval Officer. Hand swapped for a laspistol and a marauder axe is plugged in to the other. He still needs a press-mold grotesk, but he seems to be missing something else. Any ideas?


  1. I was wondering why your blog has been so quiet.
    It's because you've been too buzy painting to post.
    Looking real good.
    You might want to hightlight the highest folds in the cloth with a brighter red.
    Look at my stage 2 post and you'll see what I mean.
    I did it for my troops and it really brings out the depth

  2. love those fw models. not sure about the naval officer as you call him, I think once he's painted he wont want anything else, unless you have a symbol kicking around to add to his chest piece?

  3. special weapons - love the action poses. hate that you will be shooting my guys with them.

    tank - great plasticard work. i think it is great that you are taking the time to convert this the way you want it.

    FW - that primaris is even better in person.

    navel officer - have you burned through your brass etch yet? i still have some brass etch chaos/khorne symbols, snip an arrow off and glue it to that las pistol. i agree with the chest piece statment from King's Standard Bearer.

  4. Nice! at least you have had time to paint. I just dumped some sisters in SG for a nice over night bath.
    And i can't wait to watch your new guys to shoot down Amaximus's army. :)

  5. you wanted to see some photos of my pact, well they are up now... really like your new guys, suitabely gritty i must say, just wondering, what your going to use the AT-70s as, i'm thinking Medusa myself because it doesn't have a minimum range and a nice powerful gun, but they cant take lascannons :S

  6. Anonymous9/09/2009

    Your Blood Pact look great but the thought of using psykers in a Khornate army makes me cringe.

    Khorne hates psykers.

  7. Thanks for all the kind words everyone, sorry I've fallen behind in replying.

    @Anonymous: Check out the Gaunt's Ghosts series for more on the Blood Pact. They're not the fanatical berzerkers we've become accustomed to in 40k. They're cold, deliberate soldiers and if using a psyker gets them a win, they'll do what it takes to get the job done.