Thursday, September 17, 2009

Melta for the melta god! (oh, blood too)

My wedding is over and everyone has recovered, thanks to all those who wished us well!

I was able to get a painting day in with some friends and here are the fruits of that labor:

Pointing meltagunner:

Running meltagunner:

Meltagunner stepping up. I just realized he needs some touch up: strap, eyes and khorne symbol coming up!

Aiming plasmagunner.

Here's my experiments with Tamiya Clear-Red X-27. I found a great blood tutorial on the Bolter and Chainsword. It's quite simple really, there's actually only two steps so I can't recommend it highly enough.

Blood spattered Pacter. One of the great things about the Tamiya Red is that it's glossy, so it stands out even on top of red and black.

Bloody Axe.

Bloody knuckles.

To get the gore effect, just mix a tiny bit of black paint with the tamiya red.

Blood at the front, rust at the back.



  2. I love the splatter effect... holy crap, that looks sweet.

  3. Love the Blood spatter. I must try it on my Blood Pact. John

  4. Looking good chief...

  5. Is the pointing meltagunner using the left arm from the Command sprue, with the hand on the slung lasgun? If so, I may have to try and steal that idea. :)

  6. Oh wow, this is awesome!

  7. @Malcolm Wilson: Good eyes, that's exactly what it is. Use a sharp blade, that's my advise!

    @Everyone else: Try it out, it's super easy. I expect to see bloody blogs!

  8. Great looking Blood Pact! I like the blood effect it really adds to the models.

  9. Your weapons are SO awesome. You've done a great job not only with the blood, but also making them look old, rusted, and generally ill-maintained. If I can ask, how'd you do it? Specifically the meltas and plasmas. I've always hated painting weapons and usually just drybrush boltgun metal because I can't figure out how better to do them.

  10. @CylonDave: Cheers. Isn't the blood great? I want to add it to everything now, but it looks best in small quantities.

    @Techpriest: Thanks! It's a recipe similar to their body armor actually. Prime black, paint chainmail, old OOP GW fleshwash ink (vallejo smoke would work, add spots of bright green, heavy wash with devlan mud, pick out details with mithril if needed. For their body armor I add a wash or two of watered down black paint.

  11. this is awesome thank you for posting that link to the blood tutorial... so many gory ideas are forming now.