Thursday, October 8, 2009

AT70 BloodPact tank scratch built

Here it is folks, my first attempt at scratchbuilding is done minus the rivets.  It's a Blood Pact AT70 to be used as a "counts as" Leman Russ.

Overall pic, showing off the brass etchings.

Front hull.  Barbette is built up around an IG large road wheel.  Lascannon is magnetized.

Scratchbuilt driver's hatch and viewport.  Still need to fill in the hole from the compass.

Up close and personal.  Spare tracks attached to the front hull.  Hmm, the barbette armor looks a little off center, I'll trim some away from the left.
Side hull with sponson.  

Right rear angle showing off the scratch built shelf, exposed road wheels and brass etch.

Side shot with sponson removed and armor in its place.  The plasticard filling the gap is not quite level, I'll have to adjust that so it looks more like an access panel.