Sunday, November 22, 2009

Blood Pact Officers

Hello dear readers, welcome again to Pick a Damn Army, Blood Pact edition.  Our story today revolves around the command structure of the Blood Pact.  Urlock Gaur is the leader of the Blood Pact, indeed it is to him the pact is made, as initiates cut their hands on the spikes and blades of his armor.  It is thought that lesser ranks are modifications of his holy title.  Demigaur and Etogaur are twoexamples, roughly colonel, and general respectivly.

The latest book by Dan Abnett is conveniently titled Blood Pact and gives us more information on their operations.  For example we se a Damogaur who leads roughly 40 men and has a silver mask, he also deligates orders to his sirdar.  From this I guess Damogaur to roughly equate to captain or lieutenant, while sirdar is likely a sergeant of some type.  This concludes your hypno indoctrination on the Blood Pact for today and without further text, on to the pictures!

Demigaur with powerfist on resin base from Dragonforge.  Note the greenstuff on the powerfist, I will liberally use the gore effect from previous posts and wanted it to have some chunkiness to it.

Here we see the power cable, also available from Dragonforge.

And another angle, showing his distain for the foe.

Here we see a Damogaur drawing his looted powerblade.  Expect to see a battered and rusted blade with patina on the basket hilt.

From the front.

From the rear, showing the greenstuffed gap and the powercable running to the sheath.