Friday, January 29, 2010

Painted BloodPact Sentinel w/ Dave Taylor style chaos star

Here is the 35 point model I've just spent two weeks working on.  I originally was not planning on using any Sentinels in my force, but when I got one for my birthday (cheers John!) I became enamored with the new kit.  With a note like this one, how could I not use it?

I'd also like to thank Dave Taylor for his great tutorial on how he paints his chaos stars.  It was an easy addition to make thanks to his efforts.

I started out by converting up the kit by raising the weapon mount, replacing the exhausts with fuel tanks and some other minor additions as seen in my WIP post.

After applying pumice paste to a textured dreadnought base I primed the model black and proceeded to paint the driver before completing assembly as seen here.

Once the model was fully assembled I made sure to grey line all the edges to pick out detail, and then weather the vehicle with old GW fleshwash over metal and watered down bright orange paint in the recesses for rust.

I added paint chipping by dabbing with a sponge, silver over the black or black over the red.  Then I went back and added some more rust and dirt because a) it's fun and b) this is a looted vehicle after all.  I had a blast painting it, I just wish it was more than simply 35 points of my army.  At this rate I'll be a while, but never mind me, on to the pictures!

Backup fuel tank at the waist, custom exhaust, brass etch chaos star and a better look at the cadian flamer tanks used as fuel tanks.

Weapon mount, weathering on roll cage and hip joint, long view of the base.

I like the relationship between the driver and the raised weapon mount.  In this position he could use the old Mk1 eyeball when targeters fail.

Close up of weathering on the leg.  I'm also quite proud of the targeting system put on the chin in place of the weapon.  It's simply the binocular system from the Steel Legion style Sentinel with the lenses repositioned.

And lastly the base.  Part of me felt bad about smothering all that lovely plastic detail with pumice paste, but it turned out well I think.  I love the spent shells and hidden crevaces in the rocks.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ratlings, BloodPact style

I picked up some of the new skaven clanrats for a xenos mercenary unit.  I was planning on using them as Penal troops, thinking the random table + outflank would represent their feral alien nature.  Unfortunately, the new clanrats come up to the stomach of a guardsman.  Not quite right, as it meant the kroot rifle I was using was more than twice their height.  As much as I hate the pun, they're perfect for Ratling snipers, BloodPact style.  On to the pictures!