Saturday, April 24, 2010

Press Mold Grotesks pt 2, Stick Grenade, Pater Furore

I've been a bit ill this week and so I've felt too scattered to concentrate on any project for long.  I put brush to Pact and have more Pacters primed and a couple base-coated.  Army Painter primers are the best I have ever worked with, and they come in colors other than black, white and grey!  I'm sticking with black on the Pact, since that's how I've painted all of them so far, but I'm looking forward to trying out all their colors.

While I was feeling a bit meh I decided to finish up the press molds I touched on a few weeks ago.  It's quick and simple to clean up the pressed greenstuff and glue it on.  I've gone a bit over the top and given these three straps as if they simply unbuckled their holy facemask.  The straps are bits of brass left over from the ForgeWorld chaos icon sets I've been using.  I simply cut them to the right length and glued them on, they're solid and thin, perfect.

Here are the three press molded Grotesks.  I couldn't tell when I made the mold but it was a bit shallow.  It appears I also rocked the head while pushing it into the mold since these came out looking more flat than the original.  All is well since the Pact have a rough edge to their equipment and I'm sure each Grotesk is either hand made or customized after issuing.

Here I've cut away the excess from one of the Grotesks.  I've also trimmed the back flat so it will easily glue to the chest armor of its future lucky Pacter.

This is one of the ones that was rocked side to side while I was pressing its original into the greenstuff.  It looks considerably wider as a result, but that's okay.  This autocannon gunner looks all the better for the added detail.
On this life-ward for my Etogaur you might be able to see the brass acting as straps hanging from his helmet.

On the right side of the picture, by his left ear is a brass etch strap.  You can see how thin the molded Grotesk is from this angle.
This suave gentleman is sporting the season's latest fashion in stick grenades.  Made from plastic rod inside aluminum tubing.  The knife and pouch are particularly nasty bits from the vampire counts grave guard box, the one I used to make my carapace veterans, aka Blood Pact Death Brigade.

And here he is even more stylish with his new Grotesk!  (Note the tiny bit of brass etch strap poking out above the Grotesk.  I've reconciled with the idea of my ever decreasing sanity as it relates to toy soldiers, thanks for asking.)

Last of all is Pater Furore, to whip the boys up into a frothing rage.  He counts as a priest with an eviscerator and a shotgun.  I used bits from the fantasy empire flagellants and topped it with an ancient necromunda pit-slave saw I've had floating around my bits box forever.
Speaking of necromunda, here's his boom-stick.  A shotgun from a necromunda sprue of weapons likewise floating around my bitsbox and generally making a nuisance of itself since the dawn of time.


  1. khorne! i love that priest!

    nice tutorials. i love the hanging grotesques.

  2. Awsome!!! great work