Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Blood Pact Valkyrie mock-up, Painted Night Lord

I'm still frustrated with what to do about chimeras.  I converted a chimera halftrack with some toy wheels, plasticard, lots of chopping and not a small amount of swearing.  It looks ok, but there's no way I'm doing that again.  More about that next blog.

In frustration I turned to the Valkyrie I've show you before and thought, "How could I make this more Pact-ish?  How could I lower the tech level?"  I've been thinking of this conversion for a while, but it wasn't until a friend pointed out the nifty stock tracking feature Toys R Us has, that I was able to find one.  The Avatar helicopter, aka fodder for the Urdeshi Forges.

 To get an idea of what I'm going for, here's the valk with the toy rotors, winglets forward.  After looking at this picture again, I may go with winglets back, to fill up the space where the wing would normally be.
 And out of the box.  As you can see, they take up about the same amount of space, but look far more primitive.
 The toy comes with some nice landing skids as well.  They happen to fit onto the bottom perfectly.

 Not much happening in the world of painting.  I think I may be burning out on painting the Pact, but I only have a couple dozen infantry left so I've based, and primed like crazy.  For another break, another Night Lord.

Again I primed it with Army Painter's blue primer.  Then followed a wash of watered down black paint before building up highlights again with a mix of several blues.  I tested out a vallejo paint called Verdigris Glaze for the patina and it worked alright.  It's a little white for my tastes, but goes on nicely.
The hammer has various reds and browns stippled on the upper side to represent dried blood, with fresh blood on the downward side.
The rusty backpack arms were achieved by globbing dried out GW terracotta on, which gives it great color and texture.  I then lightly drybrushed boltgun over the surface to pick out the applied texture.


  1. Very much like the direction your taking with your valkyrie, some what fits the drop ship description they have in Sabbat Matyr.
    I agree, after seeing the pictures i would reverse the facing of the rotors.
    The skids do suit the theme you have chosen, though i must admit im a big fan of grabby claws on retractable legs

  2. hell yes! those things look great. they will need rivets though. :-P

    night lord looks good as well. glad you are getting back to them.

  3. Like the Blood Pact ship.

  4. Loving the Valk conversion. Might use something like it myself if i ever get through the hundreds of other projects i already got going on

    As for the Chimera problem, there's no reason why you can't just take the standard Chimera model and 'chaos it up' a bit. I've got body parts and unholy scripture nailed all over mine. One of them has even got an eye growing out of it!

  5. So what're you doing with the rest of that helo toy's fuselage? The thing's begging to be welded to a hull and made into a Storm Raven if you ask me...

  6. Great idea! Looking forward to seeing how this one goes.

  7. Mephistopheles: Excellent, that's what I like to hear! I don't remember the reference you're talking about, but I'm glad you think so. I also like landing claws so it took some convincing for me to even try the struts. Once I saw they fit perfectly and I ran around the room making *rrrowm* sounds with them attached, I was convinced.

    amaximus: Rivets. Always rivets.

    John Lambshead: Thank you sir.

    Khorneguy: I agree, I could just do that, but I've set my sights on doing something different with this army. Mr Abnett never talks about them having imperial pattern gear unless it was looted. I like to think of my vehicles as unique designs from the Urideshi Forges.

    2501: I think it will end up as terrain. Fighting over a crashed lander is classic 40k.

    the other Kevin: Thanks, me too!

  8. Having just seen Avatar, I'm liking this a lot, do you reckon the different plastic will hold the paint ok?

  9. Col. Corbane: The plastic is a little softer, but it's much harder than I was expecting. Only the rotors (and they're protected) and some brushcutters I tore off are made of a particularly soft plastic. I'm planning on hitting them with a sealer before and after paint, I've heard that helps. If anything, I'm worried the plastic is too smooth, but the sealer should help with that too.

  10. Lookin bad as hell man! Keep it up, bro.