Sunday, May 16, 2010

Piping a Night Lords rhino, building a Chaos Venerable Dreadnought & a Lord.

First of all, I have to thank amaximus for his great idea; adding piping to a chaos rhino, without him my rhino would not look so good.  Right, that's out of the way so let's get on with it shall we?  Adding the piping that trims the armor of all good (bad?) chaos marines to a vehicle is deceptively easy.  If you can find a model store that sells plasticard (Evergreen and Plastruct are the two big ones) simply pick up some .020 x .040" strip styrene, cut it to the correct length and glue it on.  Then cut the corners off one bit and glue on your sharp arrow-like piece, easy-peasy.

 Above you can see I've lined the front depressions, as well as the rear exhaust.

There was a large gap between the aft hull sides and the top, so it got some piping.

After some Army Painter blue primer, they blend right in.  That will change later when they will be painted brass like the Night Lords' armor.

The large power cell is from the new Sentinel kit and fits perfectly.  Much like the strip styrene it is less of a conversion and more like slapping on pieces that look good.

Since the first moment I saw the first images of the new plastic Venerable Dreadnought a million ideas ran through my mind, "What if I gave it a terminator helmet?" (looks good)  "What if I gave it a steam knight helmet from MaxMini?" (looks bad)  "Why would anyone make an armored machine to protect a crippled marine pilot and then let him peek out so he can be shot in the face, oh and let's make a bullet trap around his helmet just to make sure it happens.."  Ahem.  So this is my answer to the underlying question, "How could I use that kit to make a Chaos Dreadnought?"  Here is my answer:

His head is an old chaos marauder shoulder pad.  It is actually the one I used to make the toothed gorget on my Blood Pact officers.

I like to think the astartes pilot is nestled safely in the middle of the vehicle and the head is merely a sensor pod to help keep the pilot's perceptions as close to a human body as possible.  A human body with tiny legs, huge arms and its head in the middle of its chest.

I pondered what to do for a Dark Mechanicum symbol since all the Mechanicus symbols had 12 teeth on their cog they did not easily become a chaos star.  The solution stared up at me from my bits box in the form of two resin skulls from the Forge World rogue psyker'.  Cybernetic eye on a skull?  Check.  Eight pointed halo?  Check.  Add to that half a chaos star from Forge World's etched brass and I think it gets the job done.

When not destroying the followers of the Unfaithful Emperor, Chaos Dreadnoughts enjoy such hobbies as being chained to the floor while plugged in to a corrupted cogitator to keep them (in)sane.  Hence the giant hooks for attaching chains and the mass of hoses.

Lastly I picked up a metal Chaos Lord from amaximus and although I did not like the way the model was posed, I saw potential in adding to it.  I normally do not like astartes that look like chaos knights, but this guy is just on this side of that line for me.  Can you believe it is even the same model?  No really, follow that link and then look at mine.

The back banner was something of an afterthought.  Should it stay or should it go?

I had my first go at sculpting chainmail with his neck armor and I have to say I am happy with the result.

Back banner yes?  Back banner no?  For those wondering it is from the Skaven clanrat box.


Family portrait.  What's that on the far left, you say?  Why that is a fantasy plastic ghoul who may be standing in for daemons in the Night Lord army.


  1. you are welcome! everything is looking great.

    i like the banner!

  2. Back banner: NO!

    Everything else looks just great!

  3. Very nice work, especially on the chainmail. I would never have noticed you did it unless you said something.

    back banner is a no.

  4. I'm in the "backbanner - yes" camp here. I like the broken cables and hooks on the dread.

  5. Love the dread, pure class.
    Back banner yes, as long as you paint it to look like human skin :)

  6. I say yes to the back banner. But I would also say that he needs a shooter of some sort. Other than the round base and the backpack, how do I know he's from the 41st millennium? JMHO.

  7. love the detail on the rhino. must have taken ages to get that fiddly cutting done.

    I like everything about the lord except for the head. I've never really been a fan of the horned helmet really

  8. Rhino: Great idea!
    Dread: awsome
    Lord: nice, but NO to the banner

  9. I like the idea of a backbanner on the Lord, just not that one I think. The positioning is wrong and the pesudo-Samurai look is more suited to the Tau and Loyalists I feel.

    The piping on the Rhino looks absolutely amazing, especially for something so simple. I will have to try that out on my next vehicle. Do you apply the piping before or after you completely assemble the Rhino?

  10. Just make the jump to fantasy already! You're getting miniatures from them! You know how this works! Fist it starts with a conversion, then the ..hrm "I could make a small unit of these for fun" then suddenly you have 2250 points of a Fantasy army! Give it now!

  11. I can never get over what a beautiful blue that Army Painter is...

    Banner, nay, everything else, a resounding yes! Very nice.

  12. Thanks to all that commented!

    Corey: I just wish the chainmail was actually in focus.

    Trent and BLACKHAND: Thank you!

    Gary: He has a holstered pistol, but that's a good point. I think the shield could use some cabling.

    Musings of a Smurf: Didn't take very long at all, maybe half an hour?

    Vredesbyrd: After it was fully assembled, that way I can run it along join lines to conceal them. Tricksy.

    Sylvos: I've tried fantasy twice, I just don't like painting 20 guys for a unit and only seeing the front or back 5.

    hoppergrass: They just came out with a new, lighter blue.

  13. I know that I'm late off the mark here, but these conversions are beautiful.

    And I'm PRO banner.

  14. b.smoove: Thank you kindly.

  15. Well done, I particularly liked the simple but effective additions to the Rhino.


  16. "Why would anyone make an armored machine to protect a crippled marine pilot and then let him peek out so he can be shot in the face?"
    Because it's 40k.