Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fiddling with Fantasy: Vikings and Grotesque Chaos Knights

So far I've only played one game of Warhammer Fantasy, but that's the same number of 40k games I've played in the last few months.  Inspiration has been lacking, but I'm leaning towards a pure Tzeench force using the brown/sepia paint scheme from my last post.

Using a Sanguinary Guard grotesque-helm from 40k to enhance a clean style.

I hate GW's marauders.  They're as bad as the Catachans.  I thought my army would lack Marauders for this reason, until I saw the historical plastics coming out from various companies.  Gripping Beast became my source for these depraved humans, and they're actually human size, unlike the massive Marauders!  Comparisons show they are about the same size as Empire troops, with slightly smaller weapons.  Here I've added a few Marauder Cavalry bits to the models (which are excellent btw), but the majority went together unmodified.

The only addition here is a Warriors of Chaos banner.

Head swap.

Shield swap.  Marauder shields are actually smaller than the ones in the vikings box.
Another head swap.

I think these guys will take the wash color scheme nicely.