Thursday, January 31, 2013

Do you hear the voices too?

Honestly I didn't hear the voice of chaos until I pulled all my painted models out and put them in this very nice Ikea case.  It was a gift from my adoring wife a couple years ago and is a quality set up.

Skulls, Blood Pact and coconut monkeys, those Dark Angels must be worried.
I put in a few painted models I had at hand.  Looked pretty good, too.  Then I remembered the Ikea light set I picked up to add more light to each level.  Surprisingly easy to put in!  Then I needed more models since all that light showed how few their really were.  Out come the boxes and all the Blood Pact take to the shelves.   

That's when I started hearing the voices.  The sibilant whispers telling me how great the Pact are, and how proud I am of them.  Just a few models. It couldn't hurt. Besides, lots of people play 40k and when's the last time you got a game in since you left 40k?  Lots of games out there, lots of scales and genres and beautiful models, it's true.  But how many games?  Not enough, that's how many.

So I poke around at the interwebs and find a few new Blood Pact armies online and come here to add them to the links.  (Blood Pact Links on the right, now moved up to the top of the page for ease of community access.)  Blogger has changed a bit since I last logged in, so why not have a look around, post something up?  Sure, I think to myself.  But then I realize that I'm not married to GW anymore, and there were always vehicles I wanted to do but didn't want to scratch build.  Uh oh.

Credit to SniperOne for the pic.
I had thought about picking up a Sd.Kfz 251 in 1:48 scall in the past.  Pretty good fit for size and scale.  Sadly the 1:48 kits are about $30, more for the variants with turret or 75mm gun. This is about the same as GW's $35 for a chimera.  Wait, why am I even shopping?  The voices tell me to hush, and mention that Warlord games just released a plastic half-track for their 28mm game Bolt Action.

Do you have any in red?

Why yes they do, and it's only $24.  Now I always leaned towards the US M3 half-track for the Blood Pact due to a line about a pacter standing in a pulpit on his vehicle, I think any pintle mount is sufficiently pulpit-like to make it work.

So now what?  Are 40k's flesh-hooks in me?  Will I ever pick a damn army?  Ooh shiny, a Bolt Action hanomag construction step-by-step.  Thanks Mr Hairy Painter sir!  Click the pick for more pictures on his blog.

Where do you keep the blood in this thing?  You know, for the blood god?