Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dreamforge kickstarter goodies arrived! Unboxing part 1

Intel reported an Eisenkern force moving aggressively into my area and for once they were right!

A big brown box sat on my porch when I arrived home.  So without pause, and with fervor equal to the littlest Eisenkern on Weihnachten I tore it open!

Inside was part one of my Kickstarter bundle from DreamForge games.
(Click the pictures for larger images.)

Stuffed to the gills!
The plastic baggies are the kickstarter extras stuffed in on the left and the lower right.

Kickstarter bonus figures Ada with Shadokesh & handler.  Excaliber sword option on the right.

Huge base and some foam padding for the Leviathan.

Instructions and sprues.

Leviathan sprues just keep going down into that box.

Two sets of sprues & some foam on the side.

There's more underneath?

All the parts without frames come in their own formed-plastic holder.

Leviathan bits without framed sprues.

Screwdriver and screws included.  Wait, nobody said anything about screws! :-)


  1. Wow. Opposition for your Blood Pact, at last.

  2. They would look good along side my Death Korps hellhound, that's for sure!

  3. Thank you! Linked on my blog.