Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Pacter, Dawn of War Blood Pact and a Paper Tank

I shook some of the rust off and built a new Blood Pact trooper.  I found the bits to make him as I was organizing the consequences of my hording: boxes and boxes of models.  I think I've heard it referred to as the Cupboard of Shame and I should certainly find a cupboard to hide mine.
Not my greatest work, but it felt good to get out the plastic glue and sprue clippers again.

In other Blood Pact news, I found a paper model of an AT83 Brigand that looks pretty familiar.  Click the pic to see the papercraft site.

They did a great job!

Which reminded me of a Dawn of War mod from a while back who's tank also looks pretty familiar.  Click it to see the mod's page.
Looking pretty sharp there, Blood Pact mod group!

My AT83 "Big Red" for reference.  Click it for a screen full of dirty red awesomeness.

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  1. Excellent Stuff ! Looking forward to seeing a completed N-20