Saturday, May 25, 2013

New Blood Pact models & desk

I was pretty excited a couple months back and posted that Blight Wheel minis would be making a model that was perfect for use as Loxatl.  Well the model will never be put on the market; GW issued a cease & desist order.  So the search for good Blood Pact models continues!

I found these great heads from Blight Wheel that are perfect for Blood Pact.  They're right up there with the ones from Maxmini.  I ordered them as well as their walking tank for fear of GW trying to make them stop production of those as well.

I can finally stop converting helmetless heads to have a mask!

The helmet is bigger than my other models, but it still works.

The mantis walking tank is much bigger than I imagined a stalk tank, but it certainly works!  Only the large pieces are pictured here, the smaller leg bits and forward grasping arms & top gun are still in their baggie.  I cleaned all his parts up, not too many mold lines, but they usually ran across a smooth surface so they were a bit annoying.

A titan must have stepped on him.

I also went through my Blood Pact links here, deleting the dead ones and putting in more specific links so you don't have to trawl through an entire photo album to find the Pact pictures.

Lastly, I picked up a new painting desk from IKEA that is tall enough I don't have to hunch over to paint or build.