Saturday, June 22, 2013

New Blood Pact links

I've decided to post when I update the links here so you, my kind readers are updated when I find a new resource or an old one changes.

Welcome FortWargame to the Blood Pact links.  His work was already over there but is now easier to access on his own blog.  Lots of great vehicles and scratch-building there so give it a look!

JackHammer's fantastic scratchbuilt AT70 is well worth a look.

Walker90234's xenos mercenary gallery shows off his Loxatl, Hrud and Tarrelian dog soldier conversions for use with the Pact.

This wiki page on the Loxatl has great information and a couple pieces of art I hadn't seen before.

_blacklibrary built lego versions of quite a few Gaunt's Ghosts, but more importantly he also did a lego Blood Pact soldier.

I also added links to Blood Pact appropriate heads from Secret Weapon and Blight Wheel, as well as the Blight Wheel mantis tank which would be a great stalk tank.

In other news, I finished painting my chaos rhino!