Monday, March 3, 2014

200pt BloodPact Killteam game

Empyrian be praised, I played a game!  It was a 25 strong platoon of Pact vs 6 wraithguard, so nothing too big or fancy but it was still a game.

I started off a little rough with two plasma-gunners killing themselves but in the end it was a close run thing, with both of exactly at our break point.

I wasn't used to the new victory points and failed to get line-breaker because I forgot it was a thing! 

I think I was 3 models shy of fully painted and with the store's great terrain the game looked inspiring.

What are your favorite versions of 40k skirmish?  Kill Team?  Fan made?  Tell me about them in the comments!


  1. my favorite of the 3rd party is the Heralds of Ruin one:

  2. I must get my blood pact out of storage.

  3. That looks amazng, mate - nice work!

    I oved the 4th Ed(?) rules for sentries (and sneaking past them) for pre-game play, and I enjoy trying to play with them at skirmish level, but generally, what's not to love about a good fluffy Combat Patrol?!

  4. Trent, what makes you like them the most?
    John, yes you really must!
    Drax, thank you for the kind words, much appreciated. I remember those rules fondly as well. Are they still available anywhere?