Monday, November 28, 2016

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Astartes Embiggerizing - Blog new-format take 2

Trying to change the blog format to the fancy new style seemed to break RSS feeds so here we are back to the old style, with a few things streamlined.

Two different Embiggerized Astartes techniques
Some bits just arrived in the mail so I thought I'd tack them together. On the right is an Astartes from Calth. He's been carefully cut at both shins and both thighs, where plasticard spacers were added. The pelvis contains a spacer as well. I think he looks good, but it was a ton of work.

On the left are my freshly arrived bits: Grey Knight terminator torso, Calth terminator legs, head I had laying around. Done. I think I'll remove the grey knight details, including the hood, and raise the head up a bit so it's above the shoulders, which is a good place for it to be on a (post)human(ish) frame.