Friday, April 17, 2009

Squad 2 Built

I know you're all here for the pictures so I'll start with that:

Two line troopers.

Two more.

The corporal and sergeant. The corporal has an empire flagellant head with a greenstuff grotesk and strap, the tommy gun is from MaxMini. (I told you I couldn't wait to use it!) The sergeant is the first MaxMini head of that style to keep its spikes. I think it fits his axe-murderer look, but I'm still not certain I will leave them. The sergeant's arms are from an empire flagellant and the axe head is from a chaos marauder. Note the khorne symbol on the chest since he is without shoulderpads.

Plasma gunner and trooper. The plasmagun is from a chaos raptor and is smaller and thinner than most marine sized weapons, perfect for a mere mortal. (Thanks Trent!) I used the flamer to give it a strap, and the left arm from the cadian heavy weapons team, the one that ends up near the face to make it look like he's yelling.

I chopped the connector off a flamer tank bit and used it to attach a plasticard tube to the flamer hose. The plasticard is simply a tube with plasticard glued to either end and several small plasticard strips glued on horizontally for detail.

Stubby autocannon. I didn't like the pose of the old assistant gunner, so he was busted back to private. The new assistant gunner has a full drum made from gluing two of the heavy weapons extra half-drums together and greenstuffing the gap. He also has a las-carbine. Rolled up greenstuff on the base will be painted as spent shells. The barely visible stub-revolver on the rock next to the gunner is from necromunda.

Here were the votes from my earlier poll:

The rocks on the Blood Pact bases, are they too bright?
Yes, tone down the blue.
Yes, change the color to match the mud.
No, it's fine as is.
Lightly drybrush some white on the rocks and they'll look fine.

It looks like a pretty even spread. I'll try out a few things, perhaps washing the rocks in devlan mud and then bringing the highlights back up.

Minor progress on the Stalk Tank since I've run out of plasticard tubing! I did pick up a razor saw and mitre box and it's helped immensely. For less than the price of a GW razor saw I picked up an Excel brand razor saw with removable blade and an aluminum mitre box for making straight cuts.

Next up: Painting squad 2, Loxatl, Stalk Tank


  1. Keep em coming.

    I have bought dome green stuff but have never used it before. If you ever put up a grotesque sculpting tutorial, I, for one, will pour over it.

  2. I surely would if I sculpted them. :) They are the creation of, you can find them under "Fallen Legionnaire heads". Here is a link to their catalog:

  3. Wow. The one mask on the corporal is fantastic! Much better than any of the ones I've done... whenever I work with green stuff I feel like I'm just trying to push chewing gum into a vague shape, but your grotesque there has teeth and a well-developed nose and everything. I'm jealous. :)

  4. Ah, I see where the confusion is coming from. The greenstuff grotesk on the corporal is actually a press mold of the Sergeant's mask. If you look closely at the picture, you can see they are the same.

    I mentioned making a press mold earlier for a pacter who's head didn't come with one, so I thought everyone would realize it was the same thing. Silly me. Maybe I'll do a tutorial?