Sunday, May 3, 2009

4 Blood Pact Painted

I tried something a little different this time. They are a bit brighter than my previous efforts, but not because I've used a different color or highlighted more. The poll was a wash, but it did cause me to take a closer look at squad 1.

Result of the previous poll:
Bright Red (far right model.)
4 (44%)
Dark Red (everyone else.)
5 (55%)

I discovered something while staring at my completed squad. The brown I used to shade the red was the same intensity as the red itself. What this means is that if I took a black and white picture of the old squad, you couldn't tell the difference between the red and the brown. It's hard to shade something when the paint isn't actually darker!

Sorry the pics aren't that great, it's 11pm, so no natural light.
Alright, new Pacters with new red (shaded with a brown that's actually darker) and new rock paint style:

Grunt and yelling grunt with Tommy Gun.

Two grunts.

MaxMini's tommy gun and a Flagellant head Pacter.

My, what bad teeth you have.

Micron pen used for text on skin parchment.

Trying to make the pack look less imperial. Battered white smoke grenade, spade and rolled oak-leaf camouflage tent. (Oak-leaf tutorial here.)

I've kept to my plan of BBP (Buy, Build and Paint) for the most part. The Mort tank showed up sooner than I expected and I've cleaned it of oils, but I'm trying to power through this squad of Pacters before I move on. I picked up a commissar model at the UFLGS (un friendly local game store) and I plan on using him as an officer, but haven't built him yet.

Future plans:
6 Blood Pact of squad 2.
Mort tank as AT-83 Brigand.
Command Squad.
Stalk Tank. (If I can pick up more plastic rod of the correct size this may well be bumped up.)


  1. Very, very well modelled and painted. I am very jealous. You set a high bar for the rest of us. The face masks are particularly good.

  2. Mr. bad teeth is great. Your attention to detail... really brings out the personality in both models. Of course you are cheating... traitor guard are auto cool.

  3. Way cool looking. Keep it up.

  4. That's a better red, I think you've got it now - can't wait to see that huge tank painted.

  5. So, that's the running count of completed? (Just curious).

  6. Thanks all for the kind words. Critical feedback is appreciated as well, just keep in mind that viewing a mini at 1000% enlargement will do no favors. :)

    @Trent Painted: 12 Blood Pact infantry & 1 Heavy Weapons team.

    1 Sgt
    1 Missile Launcher team
    1 Flamer
    1 Vox
    9 grunts

  7. They're looking good, love the red and the worn armour. I'd personally say that the "Yelling-Grunt-With-Tommy-Gun"'s face could do with a wash of some sort to introduce a bit more depth. Love the teeth on that guy though!