Thursday, July 9, 2009

Paint on Blood Pact tank, #4

Finally, it's starting to look like a Blood Pact vehicle! After several poor airbrush experiences I went to the art store and picked up some Montana brand spray paint. They have a ton of colors, are good quality and come with the ability to switch out the spray nozzle. This allows for wider or smaller, higher or lower pressure. After a couple pictures I'll show you the technique I used.

AT83 Brigand: Counts as Leman Russ, here with Battle Cannon, Lascannon and coaxial Storm Bolter.

The brass-etch chaos star blends nicely on the flank I think.

Ok, I don't have a step by step guide but here's the process I used:
1: Prime entire model white with airbrush.
2: Get frustrated with airbrush and buy rattle-cans.
3: Spray all parts of model black on the underside to pre-shade.
4: Spray entire model dark red.
5: Spray all parts of model bright red (ketchup) from the top to pre-highlight.

Here's a look at the side of the model. You can see it is quite bright towards the top and fades to a dingy red towards the bottom.

See the difference here; the top of the turret is bright red, the sides are dark and the top hull is bright red.

I played a couple games and didn't like using my officer model as a Kommissar so I got to building and converting. It was an unholy conjoining of game necessity and conversion inspiration. I'll leave you with a sneak preview of what's to come:

(Melta gun is from the Chaos Raptors. Being metal it's quite short and works well in the smallerm human sized hands of the Blood Pact.)


  1. I needs to get me some of that great etch.
    The trick to airbrushing the tank is start with darker basecoat.
    Lightly build up the lighter color in the center of the panels leaving the darker paint showing along panel lines.

  2. Ah thanks BigWill. The issue was more along the lines of my friend's airbrush pulsing and my airbrush clogging. I hope to bring the tank together working backwards with washes.

  3. mmmmm..... melta :)

  4. Nice, Sorry about our air brush that totally sucked, jason worked on it for a while to get it working correctly.
    Tank looks great so far you can really see the shadows with that black primer on the bottom.

  5. The countershade technique is interesting. I never thought of that.

    I keep havering about learning to use an airbrush. I suspect that I would not use it enough to get sufficiently skilled.


  6. Nice blood-pact designs. It is cool to see you got those "little macharius"'s made by those german guys. They are really gorgeous models. I cannot wait to see your finalized paintjob.

  7. that looks really impressive Rabid Child, looking forward to seeing the finished product...

    i think im gonna go down your route for my AT-83 Brigands, but im going to have more than you ;)

    we should assemble our vast Blood Pact Hosts and take on some guard players...

  8. @Daughter: The contrast is even greater in person. I can't wait to take this bright red tank and dirty it up.

    @John: I will say that I've used an airbrush in the past and even if you simply use it for priming, it's worth it. 3 layers of airbrush paint is thinner than one layer of spraypaint, more control as well.

    @Dictator: Mort from sculpts a mean tank, doesn't he? He's working on a few new projects and posting them on this thread:

    @seventh-son: Nice! Be warned, they're not cheap, especially if you're going to have more than me! I'm thinking of doing a conversion for my AT-70 Reavers, something along the lines of the ones pictured on this blog: Only with a thinner, longer barrel as described in the book, remove the track armor on the front to make it look like the Mortian tank / Macharius, and remove the Chimera side boxes. In fact I may scratch build the track sections entirely, that way I could place the 3 armored squares on the side and give it a suspension.