Sunday, December 6, 2009

Blood Pact Sentinel and Valkyrie

Needed a break from the usual suspects and so out came a graduation gift (Valkyrie) and a birthday gift (Sentinel).  Never happy with the kit in the box I found some alternate pilot heads in my bits box, built up Vendetta lascannons from landraider lascannons, changed the weapon mount and engine on the sentinel.  On to the pictures!

Here are the Valkyrie/Vendetta crewmen.  Heads from fantasy Brettonian Men-at-Arms, tubing from Dragonforge.  Hmm, I forgot to greenstuff a plug over the point where the tube attaches to their chest.

Modified Sentinel with plasma cannon.  Added imperial guard shoulderpads and a Maxmini head to the pilot, replaced the exausts with fuel tanks and added a muffler.

Here's a shot of the other side.  The muffler is a bit washed out but you get the idea.

Did you notice the weapon had changed in the last picture?  Here's a shot of the magnetized short autocannon.
Yes, I said magnetized.


  1. oh those pilot heads turned out nicely. magnets, why have one gun when you can have five!!! great work.

  2. Nice work - The Brettonian heads work really well, that's a very cool look. I like the Sentinel as well - If they give you all the weapon options, you may as well take advantage of 'em. Can't wait to see them painted up!

  3. Excellent work mate, inspired on the magnets, nice one.

  4. This is a prime example of why I eagerly await your blog posts... Absolutely love the conversion work, and the magnetized weaponry has inspired me to do the same with my Dreadnought =D

  5. I'm a big fan of that short AC. Nice clean conversion work, mate!

  6. Awesome stuff! Dragon forge rocks i just ordered some bases from him for my next batch of sisters.

    Your conversions look great and i'm totally loving the magnets!

  7. love that sentinal, going to steal the idea with the fuel cans instead of the exhausts if you dont mind