Friday, February 15, 2013

Dreamforge Kickstarter unboxing part 3

Part 1 is here.
Part 2 is here.

I managed to build a leg tonight.  Just one.  The leg is still articulated, even though it is glued together.  The thigh swivels, the knees bend, the ankle is a ball and socket joint that rotates, the toe even has a small range of motion.  While all this is happening, the hydraulic pistons extend and retract!  On top of this engineering genius, there have only been mold lines on two parts of this leg.  Two.  Once I progressed to the point where the armor plates go on I had to stop.  Covering up all this detail just felt wrong.  Ah well, you know that means I'll just have to buy a Leviathan Mortis. 

So how big is this thing again...?

The assembled leg is remarkably sturdy and balanced well on its own.  The only way I can make it fall over is by rotating the ankle joint all the way to the left or right.  It balances with the leg itself extended all the way to the back or front.  The hydraulic pistons do pull out if the leg is fully extended but that is no criticism, just the limits of the kit.  As neat as all these moving details are, I will be finding a cool pose and then gluing the joints down for added stability and ease of painting.

Speaking of great details, check out the Stormtrooper accessory box below.  Tons of bits!  So many bits!

Accessory box sprues and instructions.

Accessory sprues.  That's a lot of bits.

Accessory sprue #1.

Accessory Sprue #2.

Accessory sprue #3 (three mules).

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